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Thanks to my sista I went to a stuffmarket @T'île Malines in Mechelen. Together with my 10-year old daughter we went to see this. It was absolutely beautiful! Some mother-daughter time on a lazy sunday really took me by surprise at this scenery. A lovely place somewhere at the back even tourists can't find without knowing, you come to a 'fairy like' setting. Little bulb lights cover the little 'mansion' and trees, lounge chairs covered in fake grass carpets, a small bar, ... just gorgeous! You could follow a tour around the area where several friendly and brave people sell their vintage and/or second-hand stuff. The both of us got some very nice things for hardly any money. After her delicious ice cream we didn't even want to go home, because it was just so ... I can't even describe it, just ... cute, lovely and cosy.

Highly recommended !


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